Finally, November.  A feeling of relief sweeps over me as I realize that this means one thing: The elections are over at last and I don’t have to hear as much talk about which corporate shill is better than the other, why everyone around me is right and the best part for me personally – No more listening to my father repeat Fox news campaign talking points to me.  Whatever the case, I’ll still be elated about the shows coming to Houston this month.  Absurdity in the form of a rapper, a guy well on his way to being called a legend and some young bloods who are bringing some serious 90s nostalgia back to popularity.  Read on, friend.

Waka Flocka Flame – November 10 @ Warehouse Live

Flocka is an interesting guy – The definition of crunk music, a name inspired by a Muppets character and PETA nude model.  Yeah, that last one is real – look it up.  Backed by beats from hip hop powerhouse producer Lex Luger, Waka has the perfect voice to compliment them.  He bridges the gap between lyrical absurdity and imaginative story-telling.  A gangster rapper who talks about guns, bitches AND name checks his lawyer?  Yes, please.  And that’s just one song.  You’d think that there’s no way he can touch the high energy his recorded tracks bring, and then you see him live.  Out of all the rappers in the game, he brings the most intense and energetic show; completely obliterating his competition.  While he probably won’t make any lists as one of the best rappers, if there’s one for most fun to watch, he should be at the top of the list.

Eddie Vedder – November 12 @ Jones Hall

Anyone who knows me knows just how much of an Eddie Vedder fanboy I am.  From his days in Pearl Jam, to his work on the Into the Wild soundtrack (my personal favorite of Vedder’s work), to his second solo album Ukulele Songs, the guy has solidified his status as an insanely talented songwriter.  Vedder is currently touring with his ukulele, but you’d be a fool to think he won’t break out the guitar and full band for some renditions of his older hits.  He has one of the most distinct voices in rock music and has remained relevant for over 20 years.  Plus, no one plays the tambourine like this man – no one.  I dare you to find someone who can shake that thing like he does AND make it look cool.

Title Fight – November 15 @ Walter’s 

The progression of Kingston, Pennsylvania band Title Fight has been, if nothing else, an intriguing one.  From their string of EPs and 7″ releases, to last year’s Shed, to their most recent album, Floral Green, the band have been on a trajectory to bring back the sound of 90s alternative rock.  With the oldest member of the band being only 22, it’s hard to believe these songs are coming from these guys. While still holding on to their hardcore roots, songs like “Head In The Ceiling Fan” and the closing track “In-Between” show just how far the band can go creatively.  They’ve stretched their sound over the past few years to something much different. Some of the tracks on the new album sound like they were pulled from a vault that holds lost Nirvana In Utero songs.  A heavy, and maybe controversial statement, but a worthy one in my opinion.  Floral Green is my favorite record of the year, by far. This show promises to be great.  Stage dives mandatory.

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