The idea of it being cool outside in Houston seems almost impossible considering the summer we just had.  But alas, October is here, bringing with it a much needed break from the weather in the city along with the overload of status updates about said weather.  I’m sure everyone living here appreciates a change of pace as far as the weather is concerned, and along with that, the breeze in the air is also blowing some pretty rad shows our way.

Washed Out – October 7 @ Fitzgerald’s 

Starting out making music in his bedroom 3 years ago, Ernest Greene, AKA Washed Out, has proven that he is a musical powerhouse.  Greene rose to popularity rapidly with the release of two EPs in the span of only one year.  Most well known for his single “Feel It All Around”, which serves as the theme song for the hit IFC show Portlandia, he has written one of those songs that makes just walking down the street better.  He didn’t stop there though.  His full-length album, Within and Without, expands on the ideas of his previous work with more precision, the sounds of a guy who is really honing in on his craft.  Fans expecting a typical “play the songs exactly like the album” show will be surprised, hopefully pleasantly as Greene usually strays from the recorded versions of his songs to give a new spin on them.

Venomous Maximus – October 20 @ Fitzgerald’s

Tattooer extraordinaire, occult wizard, and axe shredder Gregg Higgins leads the best metal band in Houston as they release their new album, Beg Upon The Light.  Just to give you an idea of what level Venomous Maximus is on, they’ve played with such seminal acts as Mastodon, Valiant Thorr and The Sword among many other notable bands.  They won the the Houston Press Music Award for Best Metal Band not once, but twice.  In one year, they’ve become one of the most popular acts in the city.  Higgins explodes on stage, wailing and wielding his guitar like a mad-man.  When you see him on stage, it’s an amped up, no frills version of his off-stage persona.  The rest of the band are the perfect fit and compliment the stage show with a precision that is unmatched.  There hasn’t been a Houston metal band like this in years.  Seriously, these guys fucking rip.  Don’t miss this one.

Twins of Evil Tour: Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson – October 30 @ Reliant Arena

I know what you’re thinking:  Zombie and Manson together the day before Halloween?  Awesome.  I was thinking the same thing.  Rob Zombie has been off making average horror movies and less than average horror remakes for some time now, and is finally bringing back his over the top concert experience back.  And who better to resurrect it with than Marilyn Manson?  The undisputed king of shock rock next to the late Alice Cooper, Manson has made some serious classics.  While not doing so in some years, Antichrist Superstar and everything before it still stand the test of time.  At his most recent appearance in Houston, Manson had a stripped down set virtually nothing like his previous performances, probably due to the lack of a budget, but with Rob Zombie in tow, I’m expecting him to bust out his extravagant stage show from years past.  It’s truly a sight to see.


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