Well, that was quick.  February flew right by with some stunning shows, but March Madness is here.  No, I don’t mean the college basketball tournament, I’m talking about the absolutely killer shows coming this month.  The king of everything party, punk legends who never stopped raging, and a band that just keeps churning out phenomenal albums.  Ladies and gentleman, your shows to see for month number three.

Sunday, March 10 – Andrew W.K. @ Boondocks

Even with all of the rumors and accusations that Andrew W.K. was made by a bunch of record label suits sitting around a table trying to conjure up something to get a huge payday to bank roll their new yacht, it just doesn’t matter.  This guy is the definition of partying.  The last time he played at Fitzgerald’s for the I Get Wet 10 year anniversary, the place exploded. Not only does he put on an intense live show, but the dude is an incredible musician, playing everything from guitar and drums, to busting out some classical on a piano.  He’s one of a kind.  I’m still in shock that this show is happening at Boondocks.  It would be safe to assume that there will be a huge line outside, so get there early.  It would also be safe to assume that Boondocks won’t be left standing after this show.  Party hard.

Wednesday, March 13 – Bad Religion & Against Me! @ House of Blues

Bad Religion formed in 1979.  Yeah, you read that correctly.  These punk pioneers have been talking shit about religion for almost 35 years.  Take that, Christians.  Though the band has gone through numerous lineup changes, they continue to pave the way and be seen as the role models for young punk bands.  Hell, guitar player Brett Gurewitz is the founder of Epitaph Records – the reason most of us even know any of these bands exist.  The band has released an incredible 16 albums to date and with each one, they climb higher on the charts.  After all these years, they continue to gain popularity and recognition.  The new wave of punk opens with Against Me! and Polar Bear Club.  Now, I was never an Against Me! fan until I saw them at Warehouse Live some months back, but seeing them in the live setting is a completely different animal.  Plus, that chick lead singer they have is pretty hot.

Saturday, March 30 – Deftones @ Bayou Music Center

Remember in the late 90s when there was an overwhelming amount of rap rock being played??  How many of those bands actually lasted?  Then think, how many of those bands actually put out good albums and are still around?  Yeah, there’s only one.  Deftones continuously and consistently blow me away.  When Diamond Eyes came out, I remembered that they can do no wrong.  Then their latest album, Koi No Yokan came out and I said to myself, “Ok, these guys are fucking aliens.”  Top to bottom, front to back, they have one of the best catalogues of music in the rock world.  They are the ONLY band from the 90s rap rock era to survive and still be respected.  With new bass player Sergio Vega of the great Quicksand, the band has pushed themselves over the edge creatively.  Often imitated, never duplicated – you’d be a fool to miss this show.